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Affiliate Application for Certification

for 75 Level 1 Credits


- available to Reflexologists certified by other schools
- or did not complete their course/examinations


Who Is this Program For?

  • Reflexologists who wish to be certified by the college and become a full member of the OCR but are certified by a different school;
  • Students who are unable to complete their original certificate courses but wish to complete it with the Ontario College of Reflexology;
  • For Reflexologists and students who wish to be certified by the college that is based on the Minimum Standards as established by the college.
  • Note: to continue your Reflexology education, 100 Level 1 credits is required - see Challenge Examination Program.


    Minimum Standards:

    • minimum 30-hours classroom instruction that includes:
         • a minimum of 15 hours of basic A & P;
         • basic pathological conditions and corresponding reflexes to work on;
         • basic history of Reflexology in North America;
         • basic theory of Reflexology;
         • methodology of documenting Reflexology sessions and;
         • a minimum of 15-hours of practical instruction.
    • completion of at least 50 documented Foot Reflexology sessions;
    • a written examination that is graded and assigned a mark which covers all
       parts of the classroom instruction;
    • a practical examination that is graded and assigned a mark.


    How To Apply:

    • Completed application form with fee of $75.00 (Non-refundable)
    • If examinations are to be done, an additional exam fee of $125 is applicable or each exam;
    • Proof of course fee paid at previous school;
    • A copy of your Reflexology certificate* (if applicable);
    • Proof of examination marks (transcript* or letter*) and;
    • Course outline.
    • To sign up online, go here.

      * If submitted documentation is not in English, a notarized translation into English shall be attached to the original documentation.


    You may be asked to provide the following after we have received your application:

  • Course materials and textbook (can be returned to applicant upon request) including a foot Reflexology chart;
  • Practicum of original documented Foot Reflexology sessions (will be returned by traceable mail after review) and;
  • Any other supporting documentation as required to complete your application.

    Application Review:

    • All application reviews are done on a case-by-case basis and may take up to 4 to 6 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the application;
    • The college reserves the right to reject, modify or require additional parameters in your application;
    • If you do not meet any part of the Minimum Standards, you may be required to complete one or more of the following:
      • An Examination Fee of $125 each shall be paid by the applicant (in addition to the application fee of $75);
      • Proctored written examination (study booklet will be provided);
      • Partial or complete practicum of documented foot reflexology sessions;
      • Practical examination - video taped (see Practical Exam by Video Guidelines);
      • Any other requirements as established by the college;
      • Any examination re-take will cost an additional $60.00 Examination Fee for each re-take.
    • Any decisions made by the Dean of the college on the application will be considered final.


    Successful Completion:

    You will receive the following:

    • a certificate as a Certified Foot Reflexologist;
    • you will earn 75 credits in Level 1*;
    • 1-year membership as a Certified Reflexologist;
    • eligible to purchase Professional Malpractice Insurance (at extra cost);
    • eligible to be listed on the Referral Listing of Certified Reflexologists;
    • receive quarterly OCR FootNotes newsletters as part of your paid membership;
    • and any other benefits available to current members at the time.

    * If you wish to earn 100 credits in Level 1 as an OCR Certified Foot Reflexologist, you must complete the Challenge Examination program. This will enable you to further your education with the college with full credits.

    To sign up online, go here.

    Other applicable forms:Adobe

    - Complete document that includes the following forms: Acrobat (131k)

    - Examination Instructions for the Affiliate Program (E49)
    - Guideline to the Practical Examination by Video (E50)


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