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Challenge Examination Program

- available to Reflexologists certified by other schools -

 This independent study program is available to Certified Reflexologists from other schools of reflexology who wish to become certified by OCR in the Level I Foot Reflexology Certificate program through the successful completion of the college’s written and practical challenge examinations.

  • Challenge Examination fee - $350.00 Cdn. (does not include membership). Payment accepted will be: Certified cheque, money order, cash or credit card only. No personal cheques will be accepted.

  • Link to apply online at: https://www.ocr.edu/membership/events.htm#id=126&cid=1206&wid=2001

  • Includes: all applicable examination fees, OCR N101 Foot Reflexology comprehensive textbook with chapter summaries and chapter tests, OCR Foot Reflexology chart, and a certificate issued upon successful completion of the examinations.

  • Time to complete all examinations - 6 months.

  • Written examination (max. 3 1/2 hrs) - based on the N101 Foot Reflexology textbook/foot chart.

  • Practical examination (approx. 1-hr) - based on the N101 Foot Reflexology Foot Procedure. A sample of the Reflexology Health Record and the Reflexology Session Record is required to be submitted at the time of the practical examination.

  • Passing grade - minimum average of 80% of both written and practical examinations.
  • Who is eligible? - The applicant must be certified by a school of reflexology that meet the college's minimum standards. See the Minimum Standards. The student may apply by enclosing a copy of the certificate, course curriculum outline and examination results that meet the following minimum standards:
    • minimum 30-hours classroom instruction which includes Anatomy & Physiology
    • minimum 50-hours practicum (at least 50 documented practical reflexology sessions)
    • written examination
    • practical examination
  • Refund Policy: None after the application has been accepted by the college. In the event that an application is declined by the college, an 85% refund (less 15% administrative fee) will be issued.
  • Membership fee (optional) - Associate level or OCR Certified (when completed program) with Referral Listing option: $65.00 Cdn.

Other applicable forms:Adobe

- Complete document that includes the following forms: Acrobat

- Challenge Exam Application Form (E31)
- Challenge Examinations Instructions for Certified Reflexologists (E32)
- Guideline to the Practical Examination by Video (E26A)
- Membership Application Form (M01)


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