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  Examination Instructions


Please note that this section is kept updated and supercedes any printed documents containing the Examination Instructions. (Updated March 1, 2023)


Written Examination:

 Nearest examiner within 100 miles: Contact your teacher or examiner to set a sitting date to complete your written examination. During the examination period, books or charts are not allowed (exceptions to this rule are dictionaries and language translation books) and only writing tools are permitted (such as pens, pencils, erasers, etc.). Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and put away. A maximum of 3 1/2 hours will be given to complete your examination. Exam rewrite fee must be paid at the Head Office prior to the exam date.

Proctored examination: If the nearest examiner is too far away from you, you may pick a professional proctor  if it meets the Acceptable Proctors requirements as shown below. Exams may not be administered in a private residence; only in a professional proctored environment. Please submit your proctor choice to the college for approval.

 Acceptable Proctors

- Official testing center at a college/university
- Certified librarians at a library, college/university, or school
- College/university administrators, instructors, or academic advisors
- Learning/tutoring centers
- Educational officers of a military installation or correctional facility

All proctors must have a verifiable professional email address and monitor the student during the exam. All proctors must be approved by this college. Proctors may charge fees for their services. Any fees incurred are the student’s responsibility.

Unacceptable Proctors

- Relatives or spouses/partners/significant others
- Friends and/or roommates of the student or student's family
- Co-workers, supervisors or business associates
- Peers or students
- Anyone who does not have a verifiable, professional email address (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. are unacceptable)
- Anyone who cannot monitor the student during the exam (note that many libraries have difficulty with this requirement) 

This list is not all inclusive and this college may deny any proctor that appears unacceptable.

Once a proctor has been approved, we will mail a sealed envelope containing the written examination and instructions to the proctor. You may arrange for an examination date suitable with your proctor. During the examination period, no books or charts are allowed (exceptions to this rule are dictionaries and language translation dictionaries) and only writing tools are permitted (such as pens, pencils, erasers, etc.). You will be allowed up to 3 1/2 hours to complete your written examination.

Practical Examination:

Nearest examiner within 100 miles: Contact your teacher or examiner to arrange a date to complete your practical examination. The practical examination consists of giving the examiner a complete foot reflexology session. During the examination period, only materials required for the practical examination will be permitted (such as towel, oil and wipes). The examiner will not provide these materials. Bring with you, your receipt of proof of an examination fee paid or the prescribed examination fee and present it to the examiner. Also, provide to your examiner your Reflexology Record Portfolio. Your examiner will then select a number of session records to check. After your portfolio has been marked, your portfolio will be returned to you.

Video recorded examination: If the nearest examiner is too far away from you, you may elect to have your practical examination video recorded if approved by the Ontario College of Reflexology. This consists of giving a volunteer a complete foot reflexology session while your work is being video recorded with no open books or charts visible to the student. Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and put away.

Video recording is the responsibility of the student to arrange for including costs. Only CD and DVD North American video format (not 8mm) will be accepted. Electronic videos can be submitted on USB memory sticks, DVDs or online sharing on DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. An alternate is to upload directly to the College. Upload Files to Head Office Other formats must be approved first by the college.

When recording, make sure that your camera does not mirror or flip the image (right side vs. left side). Your practical exam will be marked as failure if we see that you have started on the "left foot" instead of the right foot due to image inversion. Check your recording before submitting.

Upon completion of the practical examination, send the video recording and Reflexology Record Portfolio by traceable mail (we will not be responsible for missing deliveries). Your portfolio will be returned to you upon review and marking by the professor assigned to you.


Proctored Written Examination Guidelines:

The proctor must be approved by the college prior to the exam and meets the requirements as shown above.
  • The student is permitted to bring writing tools (such as pens, pencils, rulers and erasers.)
  • Books are not allowed except for dictionaries (medical not permitted) and language translation textbooks.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and put away.
  • The proctor will receive a package containing instructions and a sealed envelope containing the written examination (do not open until time of exam).
  • The proctor may arrange a suitable date (within two weeks after receipt of the examination) and location with the student for the examination. The location shall be such that the student will have at least several hours of quiet time (no distractions - such as children playing, music, etc.) and that there is no access to information on reflexology such as a wall poster containing foot reflexology points.
  • At the time of the examination, the proctor shall open the sealed envelope containing the examination and give it to the student. The proctor shall monitor the student at all times to ensure that the student did not have access to any information on reflexology. Washroom breaks are permitted upon request by the student. Proctors are not permitted to answer any questions except for language translations where the student’s primary language is not English. You have a maximum of 3 and 1/2 hours to complete the examination. Once the student has finished the examination or the maximum time limit has been reached, the proctor shall immediately seal the written examination in the return envelope provided by the student along with a signed declaration by the proctor. The student shall not have access to the written examination again when it is completed.
  • The sealed envelope containing the completed written examination will be returned to OCR by the proctor within five (5) business days by traceable mail. The return envelope must be sent by tracable mail (Canada Post ExpressPost envelope or equiv.) and is provided by the student or at the student's cost.

Failure to return the completed examination within the time limit will void the examination.

Any contravention to the above will result in a failure mark assigned to the student without recourse.


Practical Examination by Video Guidelines:

The following format is expected to be followed when video recording your practical examination. Marks will be deducted when the work is not clear enough to be seen:

  • Start of video recording:  The student acknowledges the washing of hands, "I have washed my hands before starting."

  • The student introduces self and the client.

  • The student takes the client's Health Record (client's Health Record to be filled out before the start of video recording - do not video record while the client is filling in the history sheet but it is expected that the review of the client's history sheet by the student is video recorded.)

  • Examines the feet for foot problems (explain what they are doing).

  • The student talks his/her way through the entire session.

  • The student perform warm-ups - explains.

  • The student explains what is being done and for what reason. E.g., - the solar plexus reflex (is located in the center of the diaphragm reflex) is worked to remove stress - then show where it is and how to work it. The pituitary gland reflex is then worked (show how to find it), then how to work it.

  • The student continues with the spine reflex with full explanation of what he or she is doing and why.

  • The student then continues through the routine from the back of the foot forward, explaining each reflex, how to find it and how to work it.

  • Completes the right foot, then the left foot, explaining each move throughout the routine.

  • After completion of both feet, the student applies oil to the client's feet.

  • Excess oil is then wiped off the client's feet.

  • The student then feathers touches both feet (sides, back and sole).

  • The student dismisses the client with thanks.

  • The student acknowledges to wash hands, "I am going to wash my hands now."

End of video recording.


  • Be sure that your name and student number is marked clearly on the video recording.

  • While video recording, ensure that there is a clear view of the therapist's hands at all times (avoid obstructions such as elbows, etc.). The examiner marking your video recording must be able to see the student's work at all times, otherwise marks will be deducted. A volunteer may be required to move the video recorder to provide an unobstructed view and as well as a clear view of the reflexes worked.

  • Ensure that the audio is clear at all times so that the examiner will be able to hear the student's explanations. Avoid background noises (such as children yelling, etc.)

  • To Upload Video Files to Head Office:

To register for an examination, follow the link below:

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