Financial Help for Students

Unfortunately, due to the high number of defaulted student loans, the college no longer offer student loans.

Here are some links that may help:

The Targeted Initiative for Older Workers - The Targeted Initiative for Older Workers in Canada (TIOW) provides employment assistance services and employability improvement activities, such as skills upgrading and work experience, to assist unemployed workers aged 55 to 64 with their return to work.

Contact a local service club and find out if there are any scholarships available.

Contact your local government agency to locate any career retraining programs or grants that may be available.

Ask your employer if they are willing to fund your course. Funding is available to employers from the Canada-Ontario Job Grant Program or Canada-Alberta Job Grant Program.

If you are of Indigenous or First Nations status, check with your local band council for funding opportunities.

Funding is not available from OSAP because only full-time courses can be funded (our courses are part-time).