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Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

This file is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you have not installed and configured the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system, please see Help with Printing for instructions.


Having trouble printing a PDF?
  1. You must upgrade to at least version 4.00 of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The printer that supplies us with the PDFs upgraded the software they use to produce these files, and earlier versions of Acrobat are no longer compatible with our PDFs. See Help with Printing for upgrade instructions.
  2. Try printing one page at a time.
  3. Try printing to a newer printer. (NOTE for Macintosh users: A number of users have reported problems printing PDFs with the LaserWriter Driver version 8.4. We suggest using an earlier or later version.)
  4. Try saving the file to disk before printing rather than opening it "on the fly." This requires that you configure your browser to "Save" rather than "Launch Application" for the file type "application/pdf," and can usually be done in the "Helper Applications" options.
  5. Are you getting Postscript errors on your Mac? A frequent cause is a lack of communication of postscript commands between your computer and your printer. Postscript communication on a Mac is handled by the Control Panel called ~ATM. To see if you have installed ~ATM, go to the System Folder / Control Panels folder and look for ~ATM. If the control panel is not present you will need to install it. If the ~ATM is installed, please check to make sure that you are using the most recent version, v4.0 or higher. You can check the version number by selecting the ~ATM icon and choosing Get info... from the File menu.

    If you do not have ~ATM installed or need to upgrade to the latest version, you can get this software from the Acrobat web site. If you recently downloaded Acrobat, you may already have this Control Panel on your computer and just need to install it. When you download Acrobat, ~ATM comes along in a folder called Fonts and will be located in the Acrobat folder. Drag the ~ATM icon onto your System Folder to install it.

  6. Are some lines on each page getting cut off?
    Are you running MacOS version 8? The default paper size is "Letter Small." Change this setting to "US Letter" in File/Page Setup and you should be able to print full pages.
  7. If the file is taking more than 15 minutes to download, please see Tips for users experiencing slow response.
  8. More Questions? See Frequently Asked Questions about PDFs

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