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Health Claims for Auto Insurance - Ontario

Certified Reflexologists can become a registered provider for submitting claims through the HCAI.

The main website is located at: www.hcaiinfo.ca

There are 5 codes available for Reflexology:

1.EQ.12.JD - soft tissue of head and neck
1.UY.12.JD - soft tissue of the wrist and hand
1.VX.12.JD - soft tissue of leg
1.WV.12.JD - soft tissue of the foot and ankle
1.ZV.12.JD - Reflexology, multiple body sites

The above codes can be seen at: https://www.cihi.ca/en/cci_volume_three_2015_en.pdf

To become a provider, you must be registered through the Financial Services Commission of Ontario which involves a criminal check, application fee of $337 and a regulatory fee annually. For details, see: http://hcaiinfo.ca/Health_Care_Facility_Provider/documents/HCF%20Enrolment.pdf

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