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  Membership - Who Is It Open To?


Membership is open to all regardless of where or whom one is certified with and as for students and those who just have a general interest in this field. 


Membership rates are:

OCR Certified members: $65.00 Cdn per year

Student/Associate members: $65.00 Cdn per year

 Membership year begins in the month a member joined OCR and ends in the same month of the following year. 

To become a member, fill out the application form at this link: 


  • Affordable annual rates;
  • Electronic services offered for payments/receipts and referrals;
  • Voting rights at the OCR AGM and during elections;
  • Opportunity to serve on OCR Committees;
  • Affordable Malpractice and Liability Insurance to members in good standing;
  • Provide letters of verification to members in good standing for municipal licensing purposes;
  • Liaison with Health, Insurance and Government agencies on your behalf;
  • Outreach to government and other organizations to promote Reflexology;
  • Provide electronic Insurance Claim Receipts to members in good standing at no extra cost;
  • Public listing on the Referral Listing system for qualified current members in good standing as well as for students of the same;
  • Verify certification and membership status when private insurance companies call OCR to process a Reflexology claim;
  • Become a Reflexology provider for private insurance companies such as Green Shield Insurance;
  • Access to the OCR logo for your own use;
  • Be affiliated with a professional organization with an established Code of Ethics, Minimum Educational Standards and Professional entery levels of membership;
  • Be kept up to date on Reflexology current events via OCR's Social Networks;
  • Be eligible to purchase competitive Professional Malpractice Insurance coverage;
  • Discounted home & auto insurance through PROLINK;
  • If you support OCR's program of gaining the right to self-regulate Reflexology, your dues will help fund the high cost of legal work necessary. This work cannot be done without your support;
  • Support OCR's continuing education program that will develop advanced curriculums for students to upgrade to;
  • Development and funding of special interest workshops for members;
  • Be eligible for discounts given to members by various companies;
  • Be qualified to apply for municipal licenses where required; and


Application for Membership:


Refund Policy: Membership fees are refunded only if the College declines the application.

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