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Windsor, Ontario Bylaw
Licensing Requirements for Reflexologists:

As provided for in the Municipal Act, the City of Windsor, Ontario, has enacted a bylaw to license Holistic Practitioners and Holistic Centres which includes Reflexology. 

The following is a summary of the requirements of reflexologists in order to be licensed under the by-law:

Annual Fees:


  Licensing Division
  350 City Hall Square West - Room 203
  Windsor, Ontario     N9A 6S1

  Tel: (519) 255-6200  Ext. 1
  Fax: (519) 255-6868

  Website: www.citywindsor.ca
  Licensing website

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Full Text of Windsor's By-Law:

By-Law 392-2004 (Schedule H3 page 67) Acrobat - 1818k
Holistic Practitioner Application
Holistic Centre Application  

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